Chemistry iGCSE Edexcel

By Dr Peter Scott

Chemistry iGCSE Edexcel - Dr Peter Scott
  • Title: Chemistry iGCSE Edexcel
  • By: Dr Peter Scott
  • Release Date: 2014-03-12
  • Genre: Chemistry

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Chemistry has to be one of the most important sciences. However, it can be a very challenging GCSE subject, and none more so than this iGCSE syllabus.

This ebook aims to provide full clear syllabus notes for iGCSE Chemistry students. It covers all the major topics you need to learn to maximize your grades in the Edexcel exams. There are many worked examples for the topics where mathematical calculations are required.

An ebook enables a student to;

- access all of the materials needed for the whole syllabus (in a light accessible form), 

- search easily for particular words or topics, which is crucial in answering questions,

- to learn from many diagrams, illustrations and animations that can all be enlarged,

- sections can be compared, and notes prepared for printing.

I have also made full use of animations and movies, where appropriate to enhance student learning.

This book is written by an ex-university biochemistry lecturer who is currently teaching in a school in the UK. 

This ebook is to be used as a resource in addition to study notes from your school and other textbooks.

Dr Peter Scott

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