Chemical Magic

By Leonard A. Ford

Chemical Magic - Leonard A. Ford
  • Title: Chemical Magic
  • By: Leonard A. Ford
  • Release Date: 2012-09-19
  • Genre: Chemistry

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For many years, Leonard A. Ford, formerly Chairman of the Division of Science and Mathematics at Mankato State College, Minnesota, devised "chemical magic" shows for a series of college science fairs. In response to many requests, he compiled a volume of over 100 novel demonstrations from those shows. The book soon became one of the most widely used manuals in the field. Its tricks, mystifying and often spectacular, were designed not only to amuse and entertain an audience but to stimulate an interest in scientific principles.
Now, with this revised and enlarged republication of Dr. Ford's classic guide, students at both high school and college levels can learn to perform a wide variety of entertaining and educational chemical magic. Here is a dazzling array of stunts and demonstrations dealing with gas liberation, color changes, fires and combustion, smoke and vapors, polymerization, specific gravity, crystallization and precipitation, and many other chemical processes. Professor Ford provides clear and careful explanations for creating cold fire, a disappearing flame and dust explosions; dissolving a glass in water; turning water to milk and back again to water; producing mysterious balloons, heavy air, and magical eggs; and carrying out scores of other intriguing "tricks" with materials available in almost any school laboratory, supply house, or home. Training and experience in handling chemicals are required for the performance of these demonstrations. Dr. Ford outlines directions and safety precautions for each trick. In addition, he supplies helpful suggestions for a line of "patter" to use during performances.
Newly revised and updated by Professor E. Winston Grundmeier, this absorbing and unusual book will be welcomed by science educators at the high school and college levels as well as by sponsors of youth and church groups, service clubs, science fairs, and other organizations.